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We’re covering simple website design ideas for beginners here on the journey. Many people do when they start to build their first site because they start trying everything. And they go on without a plan. These website design ideas can increase the traffic of the website. Visitors do come visit your website again and again.

Website design ideas-Have a plan for your website.

So when someone comes to visit your website, what do you want them to do? 

The most important thing is visitor need to find all of our fresh new content on the homepage. So we have a lot of content coming out daily, so I want them to build to find that and easily find the most relevant thing to them. So just kind of go down the rabbit hole of all your content, get the freshest first, and then possibly find, oh, excellent intercepted related article. And then here’s another piece. So that’s super important. You have a plan for your visitors.

Similarly, when you want someone to visit your site, is it to get information about you, is it to call you it’s to contact you, is it to buy your product, whatever it is, you want to have an idea of what that is going for is that way, when you develop your website, like that is priority number one with whether you’re designing the site, or you have someone designing it for you. So I have a homepage. But other than that, 

What other pages are important to have?

Begin with five essential pages. When it comes to website content, every company will have different informational requirements. There are, however, some “essential” pages that all websites should have, and these are a good place to start. Your objectives differ slightly depending on the type of goods or services you provide, but the purpose of these five pages is to convert visitors into customers: Home, Products, Services, About, Testimonials, and Contact.

These are the pages that they want to do when they’re doing their due diligence. They like to know who you are, why you’re an expert, what other people say about you what products and services you offer.  

Keeping your website simple

Alright, so now another thing to keep in mind with designing your website is keeping it simple. Now what I see a lot of first-time people do is they’ll go, and they have paragraphs and paragraphs of their content.

They want everything. They’re everything. So they throw everything on their website. And it’s just a giant block of text that’s super hard to read. And I know we millennials don’t like to read. We want to skim. So it’s tough to understand where to go. What were some of the things to keep in mind?

I think once you start putting ads on your site to limit the number of ads. You want to monetize your website. But if it’s just bombarding you with ads, it’s a really poor user experience. 

Keep it clean and straightforward. Websites that are clear, sharp, and easier to navigate are the best. Though creative website design ideas vary widely, due to various themes and styles, it’s still a good idea to recall the adage “less is more.” A web with so much text, busy data, or clashing images is difficult to read and even more difficult to understand the key points.

Best practices for creating content

what are some best practices when it comes to content with designing your website?

First off, you want content that is relevant to you and your business, and your audience. Here are the tips for business website design ideas, If you are a dog groomer and you are writing about plumbing, then people coming to your website are not going to find that helpful. And they’re going to go away. So make sure that whatever your audience is coming to you for the writing content you like, and you can use Google Analytics or ask your audience what they want to hear from you. And you can start writing more content about that. So it’s more in line with what they’re looking in the site. But then also, you want to make sure that it’s consumable, you can’t just have this giant block of text, because you want to put everything in there, read it, no one’s going to read it. So it’s as simple as trimming it down to the core message. But if that content is really important, then just hit that return bar and add some spaces so that way, it’s nice and easy on the eyes, right? It’s not an essay. When you’re in high school, you want to break it up, even if the paragraph is not in the perfect form.

Make it easy for the visitor to read have nice bulleted headlines or bullet points or quote boxes, break up that content and make it nice and pretty.

Having a call-to-action on your website

Usually, photos with your website have to match your brand. You can’t just throw out if your dog groomer some plumbing stuff. Does that make sense? Weird? What about corny photos like corny stock photos? I mean, if you don’t have any photos, I would say that corny images are maybe better than a blurry photo from your phone.

perhaps it’s time to invest in a photoshoot. So you can get nice, high-quality content and images that show and display what your brand and your products and services are absolute. Professional photography will elevate you, especially if you’re making a a brick and mortar, having someone coming to your place and taking super-quality photos. That way, anyone can see it is great worth the investment. And now, if you have to use stock photos, you don’t always have to use the super corny ones. There are some free resources that I like to use when I’m designing websites for clients. So pixabay.com is probably my favorite one. And then unsplash.com is also a solid option. Escape photographers are going on, and they’re uploading some of their best work to get exposure. And they’re giving away for free, which is super awesome and helpful, You can donate to them if you like their stuff, but it elevates your website. So it has some beautiful imagery, especially when it’s on-brand. for the professional website design ideas, with your website, you want that purpose of it.

But what else do I need for my website?

Website design ideas for beginners

website design ideas and tips

When we talked about the goal, the website, part of that goal is having a call to action and not just one call to action up in the hero (the header), and you have multiple call to action throughout. So a call to action is usually a button or a link of some sort that says, learn more, get now buy this product, or subscribe to my email list. Something is telling the user to take action. So again, you want to have it in the header image. But you also want to have it throughout the website itself. At the end of blog posts, I like to have it up at the top of the navigation bar, the upper right, just because of the way that people’s eyes kind of travel around the website. It’s usually in z formations. So to start, the top left would use your logo, the move over the navigation but then have a call to action right there. And then they’ll kind of scroll down, they’ll see other content and to the right, that kind of finish off. And especially if that menu bar kind of scrolls down, that call to action is always there for them to see.

Use social media share buttons.

Alright, so now another aspect of your new website design ideas when designing has some social share. So how is a social share? Can I only say at one time? How is that changed your website?

For our website, we want people to do many blog posts, news articles and share our interviews. And so, having those buttons at the end of every article is crucial because we will have articles that will go viral. And that’s the goal. If you’re writing content that is a blog post, you want as many people to see it as possible. So having that option that at the end of the article can click and share it with their favorite social network is key. If you don’t use it, you’re missing out on potential new viewers and new users who can find you and your business and your content with social shares. It could be on the left sidebar of your blog page. You can have it in the widget area. Your right sidebar, you can have it at the bottom of a blog post. Usually, people have it in either the header or the footer, the more places you can add it to your website without it being overwhelming.

Planning for SEO on your website

 SEO is all about the best website design ideas and what you put into it. What are some things to keep in mind when designing for SEO?

You have this website, and you want it to be found. And there are certain things that you have to do when building and designing your website so that way Google and other search engines can see and read your website. So the first one is your SEO plugin. There are specific ways that you need to structure your website. So that way the crawlers can find it, an example or the image, alt tags, Google is not a human. It doesn’t know what your images are about. It’s a robot, right. And so you have to go in and put text to describe, hey, this is a picture of a dog being groomed. So that way, Google knows that this picture, this website is relevant for those search terms.¬†Read more about plugins here.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Now simple website design ideas for designing your website is to make sure that it is mobile-friendly. Everyone has a mobile phone go to the early 2000s when a rose on a desktop.

simple website design ideas

Now not only does everyone have a mobile phone or a tablet that they’re using to look at your website, but all the different phones have different dimensions. Yeah, all the screens are different sizes. Most WordPress themes have some responsiveness that will make it look good no matter what device you’re using. Almost all website builders do as well. You keep that in mind because over half of searches on search engines aren’t coming through mobile. The website is not mobile optimized. I am worried about ever coming to your website or doing business with you. 

Make sure it works (cross-browser compatibility)

Along with responsive considerations, keep in mind that not all viewers can access your website using the same browser. It would not be an issue most of the time, but you can search your website in several browsers to be secure. You don’t have to test every browser out there, but the five most common should work fine: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Brave.

website design ideas

And lastly, you want to make sure it works no matter what browser people are on. I know some browsers have some different funky settings, right. So what might look good in Chrome may not look good in Internet Explorer, if you’re still using Internet Explorer, upgrade cutter. Firefox, make sure to test it out. Just download the browser’s quick, go to the website, go to different pages. You want to QA these things to make sure that you’re not putting someone else’s experience down because they happen to have a favorite browser.


Staying on top of website design trends So these are all great website design ideas and tips. But where do I go to find what’s new and modern? And to see what other people in my industry are doing with their websites? Do you have any best website design ideas or tips?

creative website design ideas

I know designing a website, especially when it’s not something you do every day, it’s hard to get that design those design juices flowing. So sometimes it’s good to see just inspiration, check out other websites, that you can go online and start searching random websites if you want. But I have two recommendations that these sites highlight the kind of the best. The first one is angry birds, the Obama foundation etc. Now both have all sorts of just graphical design type aspects. But they do have a website. You can kind of check out and start picking apart like cool. I love this feature. I like how this looks and is molded into your site. It takes the best of everything and makes your own. An article on how to secure the website, click here

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