WordPress or Blogger – Which is better to start a blog and make money


Blogger can be more efficient than WordPress. WordPress, an open-source platform, and Blogger, which Google manages, are tools to create websites. When it comes to making a blog solely for the sake of writing, the Blogger app outperforms WordPress. WordPress or Blogger – Which is better to start a blog and make money. If you don’t mind the Blogger platform’s minimal capabilities, this is a fantastic option. The WordPress website is superior for making money or making a long-term impression. WordPress pages may also be optimized to do well in high-traffic situations. Limiting elements that allow a site to load slowly will help the site and its servers handle large numbers of visitors.

Which is better for blogging WordPress  or Blogger:

WordPress vs. Blogger

WordPress or Blogger, and they are even compelled a lot on the Internet. WordPress can create websites like blogs, forums, social networking sites, e-commerce websites, and many different websites. But remember, that Blogger is just for creating blogs. So comparing Blogger and WordPress cannot be a fair thing to do. There are some situations where it may be more efficient for you to create a website with a blogger rather than using WordPress. See three conditions where you may want to use a blogger.

If you want to set up a website real quick and start writing your first blog in, say, a minute or two, bloggers can help you do it.

You have to log into your blogger account with your email, then click on creating a new blog, the name, the blog, and set a domain name for the blog. Then select the theme that you want and then click on create the look, that’s it. You have successfully created your website. It is just a matter of making some blog posts and filling your website with valuable content to create a post. Just click on New Post.

Provide the title and then type in the content of the blog post, then click on publish. Now you have published your first blog post. You can view the blog by clicking on The View blog button. And here you can see your website. Click on the blog post, and you can see the posts that you have written. That is how simple it is to get started with a website and Blogger. So if you are a beginner in blogging and want to get started and try whether this blogging thing works for you, you can start your blogging journey by creating a blog with a blogger.

If you later want to switch to WordPress, you can do it pretty easily as well. You can export your blogger content and import it into WordPress. And all the posts you had in Blogger will be available on your new WordPress website. So you can get started with Blogger. You also can add your custom domain if you want to your website on Blogger.

On the other hand, if you plan to create a blog using WordPress, you need to do a lot more work. 

First, you have to purchase a domain name, and then you need to have a hosting plan. Once you have those, you have to redirect the domain name correctly. If you have hosting and domain names from different companies, you need to install WordPress on your hosting server. If the hosting server doesn’t have a quick install for WordPress or the quick install doesn’t work for some reason, you have to install WordPress on the server manually.  

You have to log into your WordPress website and then choose the theme you want and then start writing your posts. So getting started with WordPress is a little bit harder for a beginner. 

Free blog WordPress vs. Blogger

Creating a blog with Blogger is completely free now. Even WordPress is free and open-source. But to install WordPress, you need to have a hosting server, which you can get by subscribing to a hosting plan.  

Whereas in Blogger, you already have a hosting space from the servers of Google. So you don’t have to worry about the hosting space. Then for WordPress, you need to have a domain name that you can purchase online. But for Blogger, it’ll provide you with a free Blogspot subdomain. So type in the domain name field you want, and you will get a blog subdomain with that name. Now, subdomains are not recommended for you if you are serious about blogging, but if you want to try everything out and test out whether you can do it, then you can host on a subdomain as well.

There was an option to move your website to a custom domain in BLOGGER. Suppose you’re using WordPress to create your website. In that case, you are responsible for everything that happens to your website. 

You are responsible for the security of your website, the performance of your website, and pretty much everything that is on your website is under your control. It is a perfect thing, but for beginners, this cannot be easy. If you haven’t set up your website correctly, your website may be subject to security threats.

You can even mess up the performance of your website pretty easily with WordPress by installing unnecessary plugins. Blogger is for absolute beginners. Google takes care of the security of your website, so you don’t have to worry about the security. Your files are stored in the servers of Google, so you can entirely focus on creating content rather than on all the technical aspects of the website. I used Blogger in the past, and I also used WordPress to compare both of them.

When Should You Use Blogger Over WordPress 

What is the one that everyone with WordPress most often uses? You can have more control over your website. So if you are an intermediate or an advanced user, you can go ahead with WordPress.

WordPress vs Blogger SEO

Blogger.com vs. self-hosted WordPress, We’re going to be comparing these two platforms across three dimensions. We’re going to be looking at SEO monetization strategies and design layout, and ease of use.

Based on the SEO comparison between Blogger.com and a self-hosted WordPress Website. For a technical comparison between the two, WordPress is better because you have a lot more control over the on-page SEO of your website than you do with a blogger blog. Thanks in part to plugins like Rank Math, and it used SEO with WordPress. You can have a custom permalink structure. You can have it be something like blogs, post title, whatever. With Blogger, you’re stuck using dates. WordPress uses categories, and categories are helpful because it just creates a very helpful page containing all the information about a specific topic on your website that a user can use to find specific content. In contrast, Blogger uses labels, and labels are OK. Still, they’re just not as good as categories.

Last is breadcrumbs. In adding breadcrumbs to your website, like add breadcrumbs to your website. It provides good internal linking. It’s beneficial for the visitor. Google likes websites with breadcrumbs. And now, with WordPress, adding breadcrumbs to your website is very easy. Just copy and paste some shortcode in, and you’re good to go with Blogger. It’s not the same. It’s way more technical. You have to understand how to edit the HTML, and I haven’t been. I haven’t bothered to do it for my blog just because it’s too technical. And I don’t feel like jumping into the HTML and access and figuring out how to add breadcrumbs effectively. And so that’s why I like WordPress because it’s just easier in that regard.

WordPress or Blogger for making money

Next up is monetization between a blogger blog and a self-hosted WordPress website. So again, I’m just going to come right out and say that WordPress is better like WordPress is way better because you have more functionality and flexibility due in part to the plugins that you can add to a WordPress-powered website. 

WordPress or Blogger for making money

So, for example, you have access to a plugin called Pretty Links. And what Profilings does is it takes an ugly affiliate link and then makes it into something a lot more beautiful in appealing that people would feel comfortable with clicking on. So you can take some long, weird looking at the link, and you can change it into like website create the product and people kind of trust when they see that type of link like that a little bit more than they do with some like weird link. 

And with Blogger, you have no way to affiliate links. You have to use the plain old affiliate link itself. And I can tell you that people don’t trust the links that much. And people don’t want to click on any obvious-looking link because they don’t know where I’m going to end up if I click this weird-looking link on your website. 

In addition, you have Amazon associates. So with Amazon associates and WordPress, there are tons of plugins that allow you to add the link in product tables and specific product boxes to help increase conversions of your sales with Amazon associates. 

With a blogger blog, you’re stuck either using the primary product image or just the basic Amazon short link. When promoting a product via Amazon associates, advertising is way more flexible with a WordPress-powered website. So again, like you have access to different plugins, with a WordPress-powered website, you can manually say, I want an ad to display here, and here on my website when people are visiting, whereas, with a blogger blog, you don’t have access to that. 

WordPress or Blogger for Adsense

So with Blogger, your access is to either use the default layout within Blogger, which adds an ad-synced ad to your footer in the sidebar. Or you have to enable Google auto ads with Blogger. 

WordPress or Blogger for Adsense

You get enough traffic, you can do that, but you can’t do that if it’s a blogger blog. You have to be stuck using Adsense. That makes any sense. So that’s a big difference between the two. So overall, WordPress is way better for monetization strategies when compared to Blogger. And you can also sell your WordPress website. So I think people forget that. But when compared to a blogger blog, you can, like, build your WordPress website into a sellable asset. You can listen on a website like Flippa or Empire Flipper’s and turn it around for a profit once you have a decent amount of traffic and in a way that you just can’t with a blogger, blog design layouts, and ease of use. So I’m just going to say that this is a tie between WordPress and a blogger now. 

In terms of the website’s design, WordPress uses themes, and there are thousands of themes, and all themes today provide some like drag and drop functionality to work. Well, with the Gutenberg block, Ed. Yeah, it has a learning curve, but if you’re willing to put in the time with WordPress, you’re going to find out that you can create any website you want pretty easily with any WordPress theme. 

By contrast, Blogger works by way of templates, and with your blogger account, you only have access to a few basic good-looking templates. Then you have access to a lot of really old data templates that you’re not going even to want to bother with it. And so, yeah, there are websites where you can go and download a blog or a template and install it. But again, that’s a little bit technical for most people. So that’s why I said, like bloggers, seemingly easy to use. But to get to where you want to be will require you to develop a little more technical skills and less about creating content. Both are the same, like they’re both kinds of functionally the same. They’re kind of like just a text editor where you can create title tags, subheads, paragraphs, not that confusing. Interlinks between content, you know, automatically add in videos and images with ease at the click of a button. I think it’s fairly intuitive for most people. So with regards to actually creating and publishing content, WordPress and Blogger are functionally kind of the same. They’re not wildly different. So I wouldn’t say like one is better than the other. 

Look, if you want to build an income-generating website, a potentially sellable asset, then go with WordPress. Don’t even waste your time with a blogger. Now, that’s not to say again, Blogger is bad. It’s not. I use Blogger for my blog because I get free web hosting. I have to pay for the custom domain name, and I can run Google ad sense on it and make a little bit of passive income. You go with a blogger if you want a personal website if you’re OK with it. You are just the small little fun side thing that you do. That’s why you go with Blogger. Otherwise, go with WordPress if your goal is to build an income-generating web property.


WordPress is superior for SEO. After observing many sites, I’ve been unable to find the SEO advantages of using a blogger.  Are there any great questions comparing and contrasting? I use Blogger and WordPress so that I can see the advantages on both sides. On the one hand, Blogger is very simple to get started. It’s very easy, and it’s in the cloud—no need to download and install the software yourself. And for better or for worse, if you install the software yourself, you’re usually not patching it. So it’s easier to get hacked. So if you want to do casual blogging, if you’re starting, blogging is fantastic. 

WordPress has a lot of flexibility. You can customize everything in particular. You can say, I want my post to be having this specific new URL, and you can choose those words at least back in the day with Blogger. When you wrote your post, whatever you wrote would determine what the URL would be, and you couldn’t individually control that. So they both have pros and cons. WordPress or Blogger both works very well in terms of ranking well in terms of search engines. If you get good links and if you have great content, it’s the case that you can rank well on both Blogger and WordPress. 

Blogger is probably a little simpler to start, and it’s good in the fact that since it’s in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about getting hacked. WordPress is maybe a little more effort because you can configure it yourself, but ultimately it gives you more flexibility and maybe a little bit more power. So there are many good pros and cons, you know, whichever one you feel most comfortable with, I would give it a try. And if one has a better user experience or thinks like one mesh with the way you like to write a little bit better, that’s the one that I’d go with, And then eventually, over time, you can always, I think, both have ways where you can import and export your posts. So it’s not like you’re necessarily locked in forever, but try them both out because both can work very well. Read this article to know the top website security tips to build a trusted website

WordPress or-Blogger
WordPress or Blogger

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